about Us

Spark Health Africa is driven by a bold vision to spread Transformative Leadership and Collective Impact practices across the African public healthcare sector. We believe that strong innovative leaders who are intentional and deliberate about collaboration are the key to transforming our healthcare system for the good of society.


Why did we develop the Spark Health Africa (SHA) Learning and Networking Centre?

The SHA Learning and Networking Centre is the fulfilment of our long held desire to support lifelong learning for public health professionals by providing direct resources and facilitating peer-to-peer learning.


Who is the SHA Learning and Networking Centre for?

Our most valued members of the SHA Learning and Networking Centre are the change agents we have worked with previously (program alumnae), colleagues of our alumnae, and our current program participants. For our alumnae and their colleagues this platform is a place to continue their Transformative Leadership journey with us as lifelong learners. For our current program participants this platforms allows for hybrid in-person and online activities to enrich their experience.

The SHA Learning and Networking Centre also has content to benefit members of the broader Global Health Community interested in transforming the healthcare sector. Our articles and events are open to the public. You can receive direct updates on opportunities open to the general public by signing up for our newsletter.

Who are all eligible

Program alumnae, their colleagues (who work in the districts where we had a program), and current program participants are all eligible to get an SHA Learning and Networking for access to exclusive content ( contact aneeqah@sparkhealthafrica.co.za ) if you fall into this category but do not have an account yet).

How does the SHA Centre facilitate learning and networking?

During this pilot phase there are 3 main ways that we drive learning and networking:

1 – E-Learning :

Account-holders have access to self-guided modules on data-driven decision making which is our first course to become available. We are in the process of developing additional courses which will become available in due course. (learn more about E-learning)

2 – Online events :

Through this platform and our newsletter you can get updates on upcoming events that further Transformative Leadership and Collective Impact in the African public healthcare space. These include events which are hosted by Spark Health Africa, as well as events hosted by our partners and friends which include Spark Health Africa team members. (learn more about online events)

3 – Access to networks :

This platform also provides information about networks which public health professionals would find useful as part of their Transformative Leadership Journey. (learn more about open networks)

As the pilot progresses and as we scale-up we will make more resources and opportunities available.


What other work is Spark Health Africa involved in?

Spark Health Africa is a South African registered not-for-profit organization and is certified by NGOsource to be equivalent to a US Certified Public Charity. We have a unique approach to health system strengthening through transformative leadership development and collective impact. We seek to build resilient health systems by changing the work culture of professionals in African Ministries of Health and their partner organizations through interactive workshops, on-the-job coaching, thought-partnership, and mediation.

To learn more about our work more generally, visit our main Spark Health Africa website